king arthur brioche

Jan. 3rd, 2024

recipe found here

verdict: i dont know yet, lol

i didnt realize this needed powdered milk, so while looking with my mom, i found out that i didnt like sprouts farmer's market

i think i made this wrong. i forgot to put the eggs in when i started mixing the dough, so umm..

it was meant to be a dough that was elastic and cleaned the bowl when you mix it. it was elastic, but didnt clean the bowl at all. it was also sticky, and i dont think it was supposed to be.

im letting it rest overnight, so ill write more when i actually bake it.

ITS THE NEXT DAY and the dough isnt rising at all. so i uhh, just put it in the oven. not with it preheated or anything but i let it get kinda warmish and then put it in there to rise, so hopefully that all goes well. going to bake it when i get back from votech

cooking haru ramen

Jan. 3rd, 2024

original + a bit of a modification of this video

verdict: its good, and its easy

make it on its own, and its a good meal. i personally think you should halve the oil, unless you like the feeling of it coating your mouth for some reason.

but, when i made this the first, and the second time, i just thought to myself ... "theres something missing here..."

so today when i made it, i added some salmon i made. its really easy, i just made a mixture of soy sauce and some teriyaki sauce (more teriyaki than soy,) then i covered the salmon in it and cooked it at 400 for 15 minutes

with the leftover sauce, i just put it in the pan for the ramen. and instead of making an egg in the pan, i made a soft boiled egg to go in it (which i believe was a great idea, not only because the egg tastes kinda weird to me when its cooked in the pan, but also because i can simply remove the boiled egg from the ramen if i make this for a packed lunch)

the salmon made it 100x better to me. however, i used too many noodles, and too much ramen broth, so that's my fault. and i forgot to mention, when i made this, i made it with ocean halo ramen noodles and their ramen broth.

i also added some left over corn from a couple days ago. very very good, and i like the textures :]