godzilla minus one

Jan. 1st, 2024

9/10 - wonderful movie, i got very invested. i cried. wish he had killed himself so docking one point for that i do not care if that was his whole arc, i thought it was stupid that the Heat Ray Of Death didnt kill anyone but his girl crush and nobody he knew had someone who had died from the Heat Ray Of Death and magically came back. that just bothered me. it would have hit way ahrder if the movie didnt have the stereotypical reverse country song plot where he gets his life back and his wife back and his beer back like cmon but other than that, i really enjoyed this movie. probably couldnt have started the year off with a better movie. honestly? my one criticism is more of a nitpick. its a great movie

mean girls

Dec. 31st, 2023

6/10 - idk its just funny. its definitely a product of its time. i laughed a lot at the homophobic jokes tbh. my friend said she didnt understand why cady would ditch her non-conformist friend group to be part of the plastics but honestly like, i think she was just really committed to the bit! just saying