the barefoot nina

Jan. 4th, 2024

verdict: i liked it, even though it had flaws

finished manga

this manga is about an artist (eunseo) and a ballet dancer (ina). you can kinda tell ina is a little bit freaky, but shit its the fan fast.

its subtly implied at first, but it quickly becomes obvious that ina is insanely possessive. thats one thing i dont like... it all hits you too fast. but i think its kind of like when you soak in hot water then get cold water splashed on you, of course the cold water is going to feel FREEZING.

ina is abusive, and i think eunseo should have ran as soon as she heard ina confess she just wants to keep her in her little house, and when she destroyed her bag and tried to make eunseo totally reliant on her. but she didnt! she had some hope

i think that if ina had therapy, it couldve worked out fine. but as it stood, ina and eunseo just destroyed eachother. and when ina started hurting herself just to get eunseo's attention, i think it was past the point of no return at that point

i think its kind of silly that ina tries to kill areum, who doesnt like her, but honest to god i think areum was homophobic, straight up. and the thing that made me the MADDEST about this manga, is that AREUM didnt even want to help eunseo get out of an abusive situation. she just thought of herself and her own malice towards ina for no real reason before she tried to kill areum

also, its dumb that ina literally pushed a MARBLE STATUE on areum and she just didnt go splat like a fucking bug! what the hell! IS SHE MADE OF METAL? that pissed me off so bad

and dont even get me started on her fuck ass sister, neoul. she is so weird. calling her adoptive sister her "little puppy" and trying to control her and follow her to stay up her skirt basically. YUCK.

all in all, ina was probably my favorite. she was the most interesting. i actually felt bad for her, because her parents never bothered to pay attention to her, and she was treated like someone whos happiness could be bought when what she really needed was love and a sense of family so she carries this burden into her later life: she believes that make-believe stories can really come true, with her ballet, she believes that her doll is real, the perfect doll that will love her and she can control. but that will never happen! its not her fault she turned out like that. its her parents fault for neglecting her.

I Love Amy

Jan. 3rd, 2024

verdict: this manga shot me 20 times in the chest (complimentary)

finished manga

this manga shot me in the chest 20 times. its really good. not the traditional yandere type. i really really like it. it made me cry a little. did i mention its really good

please read it

its kind of short. the art is very cute

ahhhgg... this isnt a really good review, but i really enjoyed this manga. its well written and it really made my chest/heart hurt :')

if you enjoy crazy bitch yuri then this is a good read. bibi is very strange and she contrasts so well with amy.

Firefly Wedding

Nov. 9, 2023

verdict: it made me feel like i was overdosed on cocaine

ongoing manga

first of all, i really like the artstyle on this one :3

second of all, i have a fat crush on both shinpei and satoko, and not because im insane for crazy fictional males but because hes kind of pathetic and shes a girl boss queen. so i really like them both... hes not some super control freak, and hes actually nice to the female lead... i feel like in a lot of animanga its the guy whos like "ok have sex with me now or ill kill you right now" but that just isnt shinpei. hes just pretty nice to her, and genuinely likes to see her happy and im just. oh myg

anyways give it a read its really good. i tried not to spoil anything, because it has some cool plotpoints.

by the way, the review date on this is when i started reading it. im actually writing this 1/3/24. :]