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cant write a lot cus im on my phone but yes im still literally addicted to south park like a drug. i ship kyman now but tbh i be going crazy over everything . my faves are kyman, bunny, cartters, style, jyle, styleman (SO SERIOUS), and whatever scott and clyde is named

priv twt going crazy. lol. having fun and enjoying life. made sp ocs, very cutes. if i remember ill post later. bai, no song cus im on my shit look fucky on mobile but i trust the blogpage does NOT have css issues (please please please)



someonje help me lynne got me hooked on south park and i love these bastards so much
i wanna pop their heads like balloons theyre just so cute

oh and here's a creek edit i made for lynne. make sure u turn ur volume down

also you people knew good and well it was due time for me to get into smth new. i miss splatoon though and this happens every time LMFAO anyways kenny and kyle

also i finished the fractured but whole and i bought the stick of truth today very excited cus i love kyle's design in the game its so cool.
yes i made art of it i am not a very strong individual



i ordered a new drawing tablet. recently started coding again and im really glad i did. ive been having such a nice time making my oc pages. just... writing in character and doing some coding which can be at times relaxing and at others very frustrating. it feels nice nonetheless to get something i'm happy with. if anyone wants to look. it ended up very close to how i wanted it to be and for that im proud and so very happy.i love my ocs <3... i love them so much it hurts sometimes.

im looking forward to making more art, more writing, more pages. i've been enjoying myself. i even made a build in minecraft of lark's house. (the build in question) it'll probably be hard but i want to try to make everyone's house and the areas they live in. it'll be. ... very hard... i probably wont do it. but thats ok! i just wanna do SOMETHING with it, you know?

school started up again. the novelty will probably wear off quickly. currently, ive two assignments i said id finish today but havent even started... im also supposed to study for the ACT tomorrow. then after, i go to a desert bar with my friends! it'll be hard to stay awake then, its currently 1:43AM as i write this. maybe i can finish my ACT stuff from 9-10:30AM then sleep until 12:30PM lol

i'm happy because i love my ocs

21, can you do somethin' for meeeee ?? can you hit a lil' rich flex for me?? (brain melts out of my ears) i love this part of this song so much


been sad. new years, i want to try to draw more. sorry for lack of updates... i mean, no one is really watching, but...

drawing larkesis... new ocs. following new artists finding new inspo. i want to go back to school, break leaves me so sad all the time. i've been writing and such...

i miss updating the site. i dont have any good ideas anymore. i want to make a page dedicated to my ocs but not sure what ill do

here's some edits



i opened my commissions today, and im really freakin nervous lol... its not like im gonna get cyberbullied but like. what if no one buys D:!!! i get it though.

anyways, i bought some air dry clay today. i made genesis my beloved and hes kind of ugly but hes so cute so idc lol!!! my stationery is supposed to come in tomorrow or the day after and oh my fucking GOD am i excited. theres so much cool and cute stuff in there hehehehhe aaaaaa!!! also my amiibo came in today, so i now have both inkling boy plushies and their respective amiibos. i literally have fucking brainworms.

so, my ocs.i have done nothing but think about them theyre so freaking CUTE ugh!!! i think if i could show this to my past self, she would freak out. i mean, im making these ocs... one is a dude with a skirt, theyre gay as shit, and its splatoon. elementary school and middle school josie would actually love it so much and that makes me so ridiculously happy now. i have such an attachment to them already because it just really feels like... im doing what ive always wanted to do with a character. i dont think its such a shameful thing to make ocs like them, and i am seriously mad at myself for stopping myself from drawing what i really wanted to draw because it was "cringe"... larkesis for life!! i love my little babies :)

and yk... i forgot how cool being a webmaster was. i really miss coding, and ive just been. depressed. i dunno. but im almost done with my catalogue in splatoon 3 lolol!!

pssst i made an edit to this (flash warning and TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN)


sorry for the drastic lack of posts! i just figured it was too hard to make this daily. i have been meaning to do this but... sigh. i dont feel like doing much of anything. but hey, i got accepted into the selfship webring!! SUPER happy about that!! you have no idea!! im a scout lover of 8 years and i have a cool thing to show on my profile TOO YEAAAYYYYY!!!! also ive been losing a little weight and im super proud even tho i skipped exercise today since i spent until 8 at the library... its been okay. i dont have energy to do really anything other than just play splatoon, but i feel guilty if i dont do things. its hard! but ill live. i feel so good when i do my work but its just not easy to sit down and do it for me, so im very conflicted. but i have nothing else do to, since i havent been able to sleep; even when i can, i still wake up tired and get tired halfway through the day anyways so whats the point??


today was my birthday party. only like 2/5 people showed up, but that was because everyone else was sick with the crud that was going around. :/ but besides that, i had a lot of fun! i won all of our card games spare 2 rounds of 31. i won golf and 2 out of 4 31 rounds. it was lots of fun, and the food was amazing! i have heartburn though. but other than that it was fine. the card table conversations got a little too deep for me but you know thats just how the cookie crumbles!


today was alright, theres not much to say. cadence bought me a gift, a squishmallow.. i really appreciate that :) its so soft! ive been playing a lot of splatoon today, i hit catalogue level 10 and im planning on going even further!!! exciting!! but thats about it.


okay first of all look at this art my friend violet made of her oc ingot doing that dumbass babygirl pose. i fucking LOVE INGOT. look now.

her instant graham & her twitters

intermission over. today was pretty nice i think! i did some work in class, which is much better than what i usually do, which is cram everything 3 or so hours before 12am (or, alternatively, just dont even fucking do it. euuggghh)... ignoring that, i did good today. didn't have a lot to do, so i finished up the css for the blog today! ehhh? pretty cool right?! now... onto the about page! gonna have to draw some assets for that but im up for the challenge ehe

i got a compliment on my outfit today, from my friend cadence (my beloved shes so sweet god bless her soul...) also, mr. burlison remembered to tell me happy birhday. or, in his words, "happy birthday plus one, josie!" AND he didnt make it a big deal like every other teacher does. just a simple "happy birthday" and thats it. i respect it.
while on the topic of school, i switched back to a backpack instead of a messenger bag, and i like it much more. frees up some lunch time and it doesnt hurt one of my shoulders. my laptop was very nice today, but i dont know what i expected. it preformed like a laptop... but a clean ass laptop.

tonight, im very tired like always; i cant seem to manage my time well--ever ... T_T. but thats alright, that just means i spend less time tossing and turning (or so i hope.)

however, earlier today i played some on the new splatoon update... oh man, do i love the snipewriter 5h! its so fun!! you just. pepper 'em.
i do think its kind of a ... better bamboozler? i dunno, theres upsides and downsides. like:

•the bamboozler can definitely kill faster if someone appears in your face and youre uncharged

•the snipewriter can probably kill marginally faster if you are already charged since its just a tap and a tap

•also, i like the feel of the snipewriter more. it feels more steady, if you will. maybe its because it doesnt require you to hold the trigger to hold your charge.

•overall, i think theyre both good, but i can say that i have enjoyed the snipewriter MUCH more than i've enjoyed the bamboozler. lmfao

one last thing, i made overnight oats, and theyre setting up in the fridge right now. hopefully (PLEASEEE) they'll taste good. im thinking ... granola and honey on them in the morning. i will post an update.


i deleted my blogposts when copying my format by accident... oops. anyways... the 30th was really good!!! i had a wonderful time and i got a lot of good news that made me happy. :)