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hi. my name's mattie/matt/josie, im 18 and my pronouns are she/they. i like to do a lot of things, but mostly just play games, draw, and make video edits.

some stuff about me: i'm diagnosed w/ clinical depression, adhd, anxiety, and i have a sneaking suspicion i might be bipolar 2; im very forgetful and extremely shy; and i am very talkative once you get to know me. i love to hear about others' interests, and i love to share mine! however, my art is pretty personal to me so it might take me a bit to show it to you (im also very easily embarrassed/im very sensitive when im getting to know new people.)

my socials are - insta; twitter; discord: @tsiyo; feel free to send me a DM! i wont bite you. :)

some of my favorite artists are: death grips, femtanyl, goreshit, aphex twin, 100 gecs, machine girl, brockhampton and kanye west. i dont wanna talk about it

my favorite TV show is south park. i have a lot of games that i enjoy, but my absolute favorites are baldur's gate 3, overwatch, splatoon, omori, terraria, payday 2/3, deep rock galactic, and needy streamer overload.

CS major

i overhauled my page on 6/24/23. its literally just because i don't really like the css on a lot of my site and im too lazy to get off my ass and change it. so i have a worse looking page instead. upgrades fr

my last.fm idk

anyways, i hope to get to know you!


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