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my DNI & BYF is on txti so go read that before you follow me on anything. thanks!

about me!

my name is josie/matt! im 17, my pronouns are he/she, whatever you'd like ^_^. i like coding, drawing, video editing, and playing games. i am literally kokoro tsurumaki irl!

my current interest is south park. other series i enjoy are splatoon, overwatch, and TF2. these series are ones i hold very dear to me.

my favorite characters are kenny (SP), venti (genshin), scout (TF2). don't be weird about my faves and we'll be fine.

in any case, i hope we can become friends! i have pretty bad social anxiety, so don't be afraid to text me first. here is my discord, twitter, insta. feel free to send me a DM on any of those sites!! i wont bite you. ^_^

i also knit from time to time, even though im a beginner. i love severe weather and tornadoes, as well as psychology. i want to be a compsci major in college, though!! i find myself spending a lot of time trying to study but instead daydreaming or doodling my ocs/current interest. it's a struggle...

one more fun fact about me: something im very passionate about is the employment of the block button... i genuinely believe that fandom spaces would be much more bearable if everyone just blocked people/content they dont like instead of harassing creators. because your words are wasted on them, so just move on. i also feel this way about proshippers. ask me about it sometime! im serious, im very passionate about this topic.

i hope to add more to this website someday. i love coding, i just find it hard to get the inspiration for pages and whatnot...

check out the links next to butters, kenny, and kyle! they lead you to some important points on my site. please note: this is probably the ONLY page that displays properly on a phone screen. my website is intended to be viewed on a computer. byebye!

take him on your journey.